Our Team

Meet the Team

The Solar Smart Australia team is a collaboration of experts who have more than decade’s worth of experience and knowledge in solar energy.

Administration and Management:

Our front desk and management team is committed to create a highly professional and effective experience for our customers. They are skilled in customer service and performing complex operations to increase efficiency.

Energy Consultants:

Energy consultants are in charge of analyzing your household or commercial power consumption on a monthly basis. They use this information to evaluate and think up of the most effective and customized Solar solution for you.

Product Suppliers:

Our product suppliers work quickly and efficiently to supply you with the best and premium quality solar products with a custom designed and efficient service at your convenience.


Our installers do the work for you by quickly installing solar panels according to how, where and when you want it. They also make sure that the products are operational before you even ask.


SSA has a specialized team of professionals that make sure your solar panels and inverters are working efficiently and up-to-date. This ensures your system operates well and provide you with immediate service and maintenance with just a call


The excellent team of financers is available on stand-by to help our customers break down the electricity costs, while also providing them with various options to choose from at their convenience. This enables our customers to enjoy countless advantages of using the solar system. Our professionals can help you increase your financial and environmental efficiency and help reduce costs without you having to worry about anything.